Okay, guys, I have found just what I want. The perfect binder. It has everything. (Almost.) It is by Mulberry of London. I have several of their bags that I have collected over the years. They used to cost around $600 and now they can clock in easily at close to $2000, if not more. I have this amazing source where I can get them on sale—this dude emails me what they have that just has gone on sale—and then will ship them to me for about $10. But that is neither here nor there for this blog. What is HERE, is the new Mulberry binder I found this week on the Mulberry site. (My dude does not carry the binders and anyway if he did, they would never go on sale..) It is in shiny goat leather and the one I am jonesing over is FUSCIA. 


Oh god, oh god, oh god! The Mulberry peeps want $600 for it, and I would actually happily pay them that, but I am getting a good grip on my life these days via my Compact (vinyl!!!! How lame can you get?) Franklin planner. In it I have daily, monthly, and even weekly sheets, and I use them all. Those of you who follow my blog (that would be about one person, Claudia), know that I have ADHD, which was diagnosed only 2 years ago, and that I am still in the process of acquiring the skills I need to offset my brain weaknesses and bomb on in life towards all the massive and amazing goals I have set for myself. So Franklin planner along with the skills I am learning from my ADD shrink and also these guys at Harvard who have this workbook/book called Mastering Your Adult ADHD (this is the best and most helpful book I have EVER encountered), I am really making some serious life progress here. 

Now if I go out and buy this Mulberry agenda thing in fuscia shiny goat leather (oh my god, my god, I so want!!!!), here is the problem. The pages. Mulberry makes it so no other pages will fit in their binder. And their pages are really bare bones---a fold-out year view, and then a week view where you just write in anything anyway. Ha! Like that would work for me..not. Not saying their paper isn’t gorgeous, because it is---utterly gorgeous. But you pretty much just have a piece of paper with some lines on it. 

I am wondering a couple of things---if I can go to some printer and get them to do whatever paper or inserts I want that would fit? Or cut down my Franklin pages to fit? (The width is okay, but the length is ¾” too long.) (But problem number 2: I don’t even know if the rings are the same..) Or should I write Franklin and partner up with them to frigging make some binders that someone who goes around with $2000 Mulberry handbags on her arm would actually want to use? 

PlannerChick Trish



PlannerChick Claudia
03/10/2013 2:19pm

Trish does have gorgeous handbags - that could be a whole new section of this blog - and now I know why!

This binder looks amazing, though! I am looking forward to comments on how to create custom paper that would work with it - although I confess - I consider myself a creative person, but I DISLIKE the idea of printing paper for my planners. It never seems to work - and how do you get a really nice quality paper that way?

03/12/2013 3:35am

Hmm, I'd love to hear more about those handbags... :)

As someone who trimmed and repunched FC inserts to fit a Filofax, it can be done. It's time consuming and tedious, but not difficult. In the end, I didn't like the way it worked, but it's doable, at least down the side. If you're talking top and/bottom, that also seems doable, just a question of whether you want to spend the time.

03/12/2013 2:56pm

Guess what?! I am over it! After writing this blog entry and thinking about it, I no longer want it...or want the hassle. Also I am really doing so well with my Franklin compact. It would be totally dumb to switch. Thanks for helping me work this through. Trish

03/13/2013 9:33am

Ok. As a fellow ADHDer, here are my thoughts.

1. If what you're doing is working, you might want to stick with it. Don't rock the boat. That's what we like to do and it usually has bad results.

2. Don't give yourself more options. Again, with ADHD, fewer options are better.

3. For me, a "system" is better. When I start monkeying with a system, it doesn't work any more and I lose my continuity. So a bare bones planner isn't good. And trying to modify your Franklin Covey pages to fit isn't probably good either. It needs to be SIMPLE!

But those are just my thoughts. Oh, I just noticed your comment above abut the burning desire for the Mulberry passing. Good call. I think you made the right decision.

03/13/2013 8:20pm

Thanks Patty. Bright and shiny and new and exciting is always a weak spot for me. I am solidly planted in my Franklin planner for the duration. It is working for me..and gives me a lot of structure and various views of what is going on, and I need it all. I appreciate your thoughts Patty. Thank you.

03/13/2013 4:59pm

am buying this diary on Saturday!!!!!
I had a fundraising to get it...anyway
I am going to make pages for it by cutting a4 paper in to 4 or by cutting up a6 notebooks

Franklin covey pocket inserts apparently fit!!! I will be doing lots of blog posts on it

Email me filofaximy@live.com xxx


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